We have a quality management system ISO 9001:2000


Cooperation with Mechanical Technology Institute of Poznań Technical University. We are honoured to inform that on 2 July 2014 we signed a contract for mutual cooperation with Mechanical Technology Institute of Poznań Technical University.... more


Quality management system EN 15085. We implemented welding quality management system EN 15085. It is our honour to inform that trying to meet our clients' expectations and feeling a need of regular extension of our skills, we have implemented the welding quality management system ... more

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About us

PPHU SPAWSTAL Sp. z o.o. (SPAWSTAL Enterprise Ltd. ) was established in 1993 by Lidia and Andrzej Dydymscy under the name HYDRO-POMP ...more


In 2009, the company has completed a project under the SOP-ICE 2.2.1. The Sectoral Operational Programme - Improvement of the Competi-tiveness of Enterprises, years 2004-2006. ... more

PPHU SPAWSTAL sp. z o.o.

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